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Imagine sitting on your patio, enjoying the cool shade on a sweltering summer day. Or picture relaxing outdoors with friends and family, comfortably sheltered from the harsh glare of the sun. Electric awnings can transform your outdoor space into a delightful retreat. They can offer a multitude of benefits that enhance comfort, functionality, and even your home’s value. As a leading provider of awnings in Sussex, we have highlighted five stellar benefits of upgrading to electric awnings.

Five stellar advantages of electric awnings

Let’s delve right into the facts on how an electric awning can magically transform your outdoor spaces.

Effortless control and convenience

Gone are the days of manually cranking an awning open and shut. Electric awnings offer the ultimate convenience with a simple touch of a button or a remote control. This allows you to adjust the awning’s position precisely and lets you create the perfect amount of shade throughout the day. No more struggling with a crank handle, especially in situations where shade needs to be adjusted frequently.

Protection from sun

Electric awnings offer a powerful shield against the sun’s harmful UV rays. By blocking a significant portion of UV radiation, they help protect your skin from sunburn and premature ageing. Additionally, they safeguard your outdoor furniture and flooring from sun damage.

Energy efficiency champion

Electric awnings are not just about comfort; they can also contribute to energy savings. Since it blocks the direct sunlight from entering your home through windows and patio doors, awnings can significantly reduce the workload of your air conditioning system. This implies lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint.

Enhanced outdoor living

These awnings allow you to maximise the enjoyment of your outdoor space. With the ability to create instant shade, you can transform your patio or deck into a usable area even during the hottest parts of the day. This opens doors for outdoor dining, lounging, or hosting gatherings without the discomfort of scorching sunlight. And this should be all the more reason to reach out to an awning supplier.

Smart home integration and weather protection

Many modern electric awnings can be integrated with smart home systems. This can also allow for voice control or scheduling of awning operations. This adds another layer of convenience and allows you to adjust the awning based on weather forecasts. Additionally, some awnings come with built-in wind and rain sensors that automatically retract the awning in case of harsh weather.

In conclusion, electric awnings offer a compelling combination of comfort, functionality, and energy efficiency. So it could be a prudent decision to upgrade your awnings in Sussex into electrical awnings. Reach out to Surrey Blinds and Awnings to upgrade your awning into cutting-edge electrical ones.