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Are you looking for minor renovations to transform your outdoor space? An awning is one of the most cost-effective options that can elevate the appearance of your outdoors. You don’t need an expensive alteration every time. Some minor additions can also do the magic. Most homeowners love to spend their time outdoors during summer, but bright sunshine and soaring temperatures can make it difficult for you to enjoy the outdoors. You can find a manufacturer who can offer you different types of awnings in Guildford. Let’s check out more below.

Benefits of Installing Awnings in Garden

UV Protection

Many people enjoy the outdoors when it’s sunny, but excessive exposure to harmful UV rays can affect overall health. An awning can protect you from UV rays. It allows you to enjoy your day without worrying about sunburn. It also protects the plants from damage by providing them shade.


Awnings don’t just provide shade and protection from UV rays but also provide much-needed peace to homeowners. You can create a private area in your garden with the installation of a patio awning. This will prevent your neighbours’ interference in your personal space.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Awnings have become popular among most homeowners because it reduces carbon footprint. Considering the environmental impact of the products we use has become a necessity. Awnings help reduce your heating and air conditioning bills, eventually reducing your energy consumption.

Easy to Use

We generally get scared when anything new comes into our house. But this is not the case with awnings. You can install them quickly with zero hassle. In fact, you can also install a retractable awning where you just need to press a button to extend and retract at your convenience. Besides, they are also not heavy, which is an added advantage. It just takes a couple of minutes to fit an awning, and you’re all set to make new memories with your friends and family.


nstalling a premium awning adds character to your garden. You not only feel calmer, but it also makes your property look luxurious and eventually increases its value. So, you don’t have to think twice before having guests over for BBQ.

Surrey Blinds & Awnings offers both domestic and commercial awnings in Guildford. You can count on us with your requirements. Contact us today or check our website for more information.