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Installing awnings can transform your patio to a whole new level. They are generally made of durable and rigid materials. Hence, it can withstand every weather condition. Most of the awnings in Redhill, particularly the retractable ones, are made of synthetic fibres. This helps in preventing mildew and colour fading from exposure to the sun for prolonged periods. Here are some important signs that you need to repair your awning.

When Do You Need the Awning Repair or Replacement?

Tears, Rips or Holes

Pay attention to the fabric of your awning for any visible damage. Check if the damage is repairable. You don’t need to replace the entire fabric just because of a single hole or rip. But having large tears may risk the structural integrity of the fabric and frame. You may need replacement if the fabric has a rip larger than 12 inches or near the material’s edge.

Bent, Rusted or Damaged Frame

Awning frames can last for years. These frames are usually made of aluminium and can withstand strong winds, heavy rain, and snow as well. But, over time, even high-quality ones can suffer damage due to a harsh climate. We suggest hiring a professional awning specialist to clean and remove the rust effectively. You can protect your frames from rusting by coating them in a weatherproof lacquer.

Mildew, fungal or Mould

Awnings protect you and your property from the elements. However, mildew, mould or fungus can grow in the awning fabric if you live in a humid or rainy climate. Though such growth depends upon the climate, you can treat some growths using chemicals.


Awning fabric can fade over time due to constant exposure to direct sunlight and UV rays. You can either choose to replace just the fabric or get a brand new shade structure. Even the awnings with excellent fade-resistant features can damage over time.

Loosened Awning’s Tension

Check if the structure of the shade is loose and looks less sturdy or improperly balanced. If you notice any of these mentioned signs, it’s time to install a new awning. You may also ask the experts if they can repair such problems. This is because some parts of awnings can be replaced.

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