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A number of alterations, like multi-storey extensions and installations in a property, would need specific planning permission. When it comes to smaller changes, they may require or not. Awnings in Ashtead are also one of those installations whose planning permission depends upon several factors. Here are certain things you need to know pertaining to planning permission for the installation of an awning.

Learn Whether You Need Planning Permission to Install an Awning

Requiring planning permission for installing an awning is rare if it is to be installed on a residential property. The general rule is you don’t need planning permission if you are not creating a usable space. But, certain circumstances may require you to take planning permission.

  • You need permission if your awning barges in or extends over your neighbour’s boundary. This includes the positioning of the awning to run the rainwater off from the surface and into your neighbour’s boundary. Always consider the awning’s impact on your neighbours when planning.
  • Planning permission may also be required if you live in a conservation area or have a listed building. You can contact your local authority before the installation if you aren’t sure of it.

Do I Need Planning Permission For Awning Installation on a Commercial Property?

Though only some residential properties will need planning permission, this is not the same for commercial properties. Most awnings to be installed in commercial places will need planning permission because they may extend into public areas like pavements or roads. It can become a hindrance for the general public.

  • Awnings displaying the business’s logos or branding may also require planning permission. This is because it is classified as advertising and needs approval from the authorities.
  • No planning permission is needed in a case where you already have installed an awning on your commercial premises and are just replacing them. This is a like-for-like change. But please note that upgrading your current awning to a larger one may oblige you to take permission from the relevant authorities.
  • Besides, it’s important to understand that every council will have particular planning permission requirements. Planning is essential for the desirable results after awning installation.

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