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An awning can enhance the aesthetics of your home or business. It is also perfect for extending your living area. But choosing the right type of awning to serve your purpose is equally important. Awning recovers in Sussex is an excellent way to provide shelter while adding a touch of style to your property. They look great when integrated perfectly into the building’s design. It also allows you to enjoy outdoor activities in all weather.

Understand The Different Awning Types

  1. Patio Awnings: This type of awning is fixed to the wall, usually extended over an outside seating area where there is a patio or decking. This fixture offers homeowners an extended living area where they can host a small party.
  2. Conservatory Awnings: This unique-styled awning is fitted onto an existing roof and offers great temperature control because of its internal and external design. Using the handset, you can retract and extend the awning based on the weather.
  3. Balcony Awnings: This awning is embedded in overhangs, eaves or soffits, providing a more relaxing experience while you occupy your balcony. The height can be adjusted as per your choice so you can optimise both shades as well as privacy. You can choose from a range to ensure that your balcony awning enhances your outdoors.
  4. Freestanding Awnings: This design doesn’t require to be fitted into the wall, as the name suggests. They are a freestanding structural framework into which patio awnings are embedded onto. They are more popular in open spaces and can cover large spaces like poolside areas, restaurants, lawns etc.
  5. Veranda Awnings: This is similar to a patio awning and has a fixed structure that remains in place even if the awning material has been retracted. This type of awning has more stability because of its additional posts.
  6. Vertical Awnings: This is very similar to your usual indoor blind, but it’s an external fitting. Vertical awnings’ drop-arm design allows them to extend away from the wall and be angled to offer maximum shading.
  7. Pergola Awnings: This type of awning is like a patio awning, but its fixed frame design stays in place even after the retraction of the awning. Their extra front support posts offer additional stability.

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