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The most useful way to screen terraces is by using awnings. It is used in balconies, mostly exposed windows and gardens. You need to pick them correctly based on the material and how they can cover it.

Awnings are mainly used for creating shades and making an external space for your property in the summer period. Therefore, you can enjoy and relax in those areas in the summertime.

In addition, it helps protect from UV rays. It also adds value to your property. It is necessary to select them carefully. Therefore, it can fulfil your requirements.

 The function of Awnings –

 Awnings have several functions, which arelisted below –

Protects from UV rays and direct heat

It helps to create an extended area

Decorates the damaged building

Helps create a beautiful cool environment in the summertime

Helps reduce electric consumption because of the lesser use of fans and air conditioners

Where to install Awnings? –




Extended with windows

Flat roofs

 Naturally, the area covered by the awning must be frequently exposed to the sun as the prerequisites for awning installation exist.

Constitutional Elements –

Various components make up awnings, including:

  • The primary component, the one that offers shelter, is fabric or cloth.
  • A load-bearing frame or structure on which the sheet is supported.
  • A dumpster is an optional component that protects the tent from the elements when rolled up and exposed to precipitation, snow or hail, or a sheet metal cover in place of a box to shield the closed awning.

Fabric –

Natural materials, like cotton, can be used for awnings. These materials, however, are vulnerable to tearing, mould growth, ageing,caused by the sun, wind and pollutants(as well as discolouration due to the sun).

Colour –

Compared to brighter tints, deeper hues offer a shield that is more impervious to light and harmful rays. However, dark colours have the drawback of generating a lot of heat.

Thickness –

Thickness, a compact and dense texture, retains UV rays far better than a light texture.

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