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An aesthetically-designed backyard is the place where you will love to spend your summer evenings and bright winter mornings. It can also be the perfect spot to hang out with your guests. However, you must contact an interior designer who can help you explore the various designs and pick the most appropriate one. Canopies and awnings in Ashtead are commonly used to redefine the ambience of outdoor spaces. And this blog is for you if you are confused about the purpose of these two outdoor additions. Here in this blog, we are about to discuss the difference in between the two. Read on.

How are awnings different from canopies?

Know about the differences between canopies and awnings to assess which one of them will be able to fulfil your requirements. Following here are some points of distinction discussed.


A major difference between the two lies in their architecture. The awning is manufactured using fabric, which is attached to the building over a door and window to block the heat from entering. Moreover, they will prevent the furniture colours from fading due to direct sunlight exposure. On the contrary, a canopy is actually a freestanding structure which consists of posts to support the roof.

Sizing specifications

The size of an awning can’t be huge as it’s attached to an already constructed building. So, you must ensure that it doesn’t impinge on the building’s structural integrity before being attached. However, while choosing the right-sized canopy, you just need to consider the space available. If the space isn’t any factor for you, then you can even get canopies which are big enough to host weddings as well.


Awnings and canopies are designed to deliver a long-lasting performance. But usually, canopies last longer as they aren’t always placed outside and exposed to direct sunlight. On the contrary, awnings are always exposed to sunlight, snow, rain, and other weather fluctuations.

Concluding note

Always consider these major differences discussed above before making the final choice in between canopies and awnings. We at Surrey Blinds & Awnings have been the most renowned supplier of premium quality blinds, canopies, and awnings. We are experienced in manufacturing, installing, and supplying awnings which feature a range of styles and designs. Please contact our representatives now to know more about our products and services.